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I hope you find this web site helpful.  We welcome your questions and would be happy to provide more information and assistance to any student who wishes to apply to the program or who wants to take a course or two.

The University of Southern Maine School of Music offers music degrees in composition, conducting, jazz studies, music education, pedagogy, and performance. The School of Music is a fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music. With more than fifty-five full-time, part-time, and artist faculty, its impact on the cultural life of New England can be found in all areas of musical activity, from the elementary teacher to the professional performer. One will find USM School of Music graduates teaching on every level from preschool to graduate school. Their expertise as teachers and/or performers is highly regarded and in great demand.

"My God," Paul Hindemith once observed, "How can anyone ever be a master of music?"

Music is a limitless art and an inexhaustible field of study. The one thing every graduate student will discover with equal intensity is that the more one learns about music, the more one realizes how little he or she knows. But students will also find that music can yield delight as surely in the solitude of the library stacks or the practice room as in the concert hall, the opera stage, or the jazz club. 

Scott Harris, Director
USM School of Music

Master of Music with concentrations in:

The University of Southern Maine School of Music is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Graduate Program Advisors 
Please feel free to contact the program advisor for more information on the specific area of study in which you are interested. Click on the name to contact them by e-mail.
Music Education: Prof. Michele Kaschub
            Choral: Prof. Robert Russell
            Wind: Prof. Peter Martin
            Orchestral: Prof. Robert Lehmann
Composition: Prof. Daniel Sonenberg
Jazz Studies: Prof. Christopher Oberholtzer
            Piano/Organ: Prof. Laura Kargul
            Brass/Percussion: Prof. Peter Martin
            Woodwinds: Prof. Thomas Parchman
            Strings: Prof. Robert Lehmann
            Voice: Prof. Bruce Fithian and Prof. Ellen Chickering


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