Purchasing and Payables

Per Diem Information


Please refer to APL IV-B for details




Continental U.S.

Does not include:
Hawaii & Alaska

Meal Rates

Effective October 1, 2009




Use these partial per diem amounts when you are not claiming the full 3-meal per diem. For instance, your conference registration payment included lunch. You would then only claim the breakfast and dinner portions in the appropriate meal column on the Travel Expense Voucher.  For example: $9.20 for Breakfast and $25.30 for Dinner.


Outside Continental U.S.

Per Diem Rates for Outside the Continental U.S.


The same percentages listed above apply to OCONUS rates for use on partial per diems.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate:  .44/mile Effective 1/1/2009)
Mileage Reimbursement Rate:  .42/mile (Effective 7/1/2008)
Handicap Equipped Vehicles:   .54/mile

Overnight Travel Status - Meals are allowable when an employee is on business and away from home overnight.
Partial Days in Overnight Travel Status - In all cases, if the traveler elects the per diem method for meals, per diem allowances should also be adjusted for partial days of travel while not on university business.
Extended Days - One meal will be reimbursable when an employee begins travel two or more hours before their normal starting time and one meal will be reimbursable when an employee returns from travel two or more hours after their normal ending time.