Office of Undergraduate Admission

Other Scholarships

There are a few additional scholarships managed by Undergraduate Admission. These include: International Merit Scholarships, the Osher Re-entry Scholarship as well as the LAC scholarship page. See below for details.

International Student Merit Scholarship

USM offers two distinct International Student scholarships. The merit-scholarship, which includes half-tuition for students up to 3-years with full-time enrollment, and the achievement award, which includes at $1,500 scholarship for students up to 3-years with full-time enrollment. To be eligible, students must have a completed application (including all required materials) by April 1. In addition to the application, all international students must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet and maintain all eligibility criteria required of international students studying in the United States under the terms of an F-1 student visa.
  • Continuous, full-time enrollment (fall and spring semesters, at least 12 credit hours—15 credit hours recommended) for the duration of F-1 student status, estimated to be 4 years.
  • Maintenance of a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for each academic year.
  • Maintain sufficient academic progress toward chosen program of study.

For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission, (207)-780-5670

1-800-800-4USM ext. 5670
TTY (207)780-5646


Osher Reentry Scholarship Fund

Please print and mail this application, due Friday June 6, 2014

Osher Reentry Scholars Fund (PDF) Click the blue link to print this application

The Osher Reentry Scholars Fund was established at the University of Southern Maine by the Bernard Osher Foundation. This scholarship is available to all students who are matriculated in their first USM baccalaureate degree and who meet the following criteria:

  • Must have matriculated within the last 12 months
  • Must be registered for at least six credits for each semester of receipt and must have at least 30 credits remaining until the completion of the degree.
  • Must be an undergraduate reentry student who has experienced a gap of five or more years in pursuit of his or her education and who can look forward to a significant number of years of workforce participation after completion of the baccalaureate degree.

Applications are due Friday, June 6, 2014.

For more information, please contact Undergraduate Admission at (207)780-5670.


University of Maine System Adult Degree Completion Scholarship Fund

These scholarships are for adult students returning to college after an absence of three years or more, who are completing their very first baccalaureate degree. This scholarship will be a continuing scholarship that recipients—including working adults—will be able to receive for up to four years.
There are three opportunities for students to apply: May 8, August 1 and December 1. Applications can be found here.

Applicants must meet the following criteria in order to receive the scholarship:

  • Must be a matriculated student at a UMS institution seeking a first baccalaureate degree.
  • Must be a resident of the state of Maine.
  • Must be an undergraduate reentry student who has experienced a gap (three years or more) in the pursuit of post-secondary education at any institution. Students who returned to higher education beginning in Fall 2013 or more recently will be considered.
  • Must demonstrate financial need as determined by a completed FAFSA and/or statement outlining ability to pay/financial resources available for education.
  • Must be registered at least part time (6‐8 credits per semester (Fall and Spring) or 9‐12 credits total for the two semesters). Students enrolled in fewer credits will be considered on a case by case basis.

For questions about this scholarship, contact

Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) Scholarships 2014-2015

There are no restrictions to the number of scholarships to which a student may apply or be nominated. Please review all requirements before applying for any scholarship.  For "Faculty Nominated" scholarships you should request that a faculty member nominate you. All faculty have been given the required paperwork to submit your nomination(s). Click here for details: LAC

The deadline to apply for all of the scholarships is February 21, 2014.


Community Banks of Androscoggin Scholarship

Available to part-time or full-time incoming freshman or transfer students who reside in Androscoggin County pursuing his/her first baccalaureate degree in a Lewiston-Auburn College major. Click here for more information.

Dean's Scholarship

Available to part-time or full-time incoming freshman or transfer students who reside in Androscoggin County pursuing his/her first baccalaureate degree in a Lewiston-Auburn College major. Click here for more information.

For more information, please contact Jim Bradley at (207)753-6618 or

USM Scholarships By Department

Most scholarships for current USM students are managed through the Student Success Centers. There are a variety of general scholarships available for current students. Several departments within the University are also able to award scholarships. If you are a current student and want more information about scholarships, view the Scholarships and Finances page available at the Student Success Center.

Leadership Development Scholarship in Honors  (for USM Honors Program Students)

This renewable scholarship provides continuing support for USM Honors Program students who supplement their major course of study with this academically rigorous and tight-knit learning community.

For more information about the Praxis Award or Honors Program, please contact Beth Round at (207) 780-4189 or


Scholarship Eligibility when participating in an Exchange Program

Students who participate in reciprocal international exchange programs will still be eligible to receive their merit scholarships. A reciprocal exchange program is one in which students continue to pay USM tuition and fees. A list of these programs can be found at:
Continuing Eligibility requirements still apply during the semester(s) the student participates in the reciprocal exchange program. Merit scholars may complete their volunteer hours while away, or may wait until their return to USM.

Students who participate in non-reciprocal international or national exchange programs will not be eligible to receive these scholarship funds while away. However, several scholarships are offered for students participating in exchange programs. Once students have returned to full-time enrollment status in USM courses, they will regain their eligibility status for these scholarships as long as they meet the other continuing eligibility requirements.


Removal of Scholarship Funds

At the conclusion of each semester's Add/Drop Period, the Office of Student Financial Aid will remove scholarship funds for those students who are not registered for at least 12 credit hours.

At the completion of the academic year, the Office of Student Financial Aid removes scholarship funds for those students whose cumulative grade point average is below the scholarship's requirement.