Office of Academic Assessment

Course Evaluations

Electronic Course Evaluation (ECE) Process

If you are looking for specific details on the electronic course evaluation process; i.e. a copy of the course evaluation form, links to individual course evaluation results, notice of the evaluation time periods, or common questions asked from faculty or students about the procedures....please click here for ECE webpage.

Departmental Course Evaluation Reports

The Office of Academic Assessment automatically compiles departmental course evaluation data after each semester.  Please click on the appropriate title below to view previous departmental course evaluation reports that were paper-based and scanned data (before Fall 2013), and recent reports that are now compiled from the electronic course evaluation data (Fall 2013 and later). 

Electronic Course Evaluation Compilation Data Reports (Question Mean Anlysis) by Department (Fall 2013 and later) 

Electronic Course Evaluation Compilation Reports (Question Mean Anlysis) by College (Fall 2013 or later)

Course Evaluation-Scanned Data Reports by Department (Fall 2011 to Summer 2014)

Course Evaluation-Scanned Data Reports by Department (before Fall 2011)

Course Evaluation-Scanned Data Reports by College (Fall 2011 to Summer 2014) 

Course Evaluation-Scanned Data Reports by College (before 2011)

Request for Compilation Reports

The Office of Academic Assessment will compile course evaluation data for individual faculty who are going through the peer review process.  To request a compilation of specific course evaluation data, please complete the form linked below. Requests will be completed on a first-come first-serve process. We recommend a lead time of at least 3 weeks ahead of your review date.

Request Compilation Reports


Samples of Compilation Reports Available 

Item Statististics Report

Condensed Item Analysis Report

Comparative Item Report