Campus Card & Cellular Services


  • Do I have to get a new USM CARD every year?

No. Your USM CARD is issued for the duration of your stay at the University. If you change your name or status (ie, become a USM staff member), we will reissue a replacement card at no charge with the return of your current USM CARD. Upon graduation, we will issue you an alumni card at no charge as long as you return your current USM CARD.

  • Why should I use Husky Buck$? Can't I just use cash?

Sure, you can use cash everywhere except for on campus printing. However, by using your USM CARD for purchases you do not have to carry cash, can set aside funds for on-campus and off-campus spending while monitoring your expenditures. You can even save 7% on food purchases at all on-campus Dining Service locations. 

  • Where do I get a statement of my USM CARD transactions?

You can view up to 6 months of expenditures by logging on to MYCARD. You may also obtain a printed copy by visiting one of our offices.

  • What should I do if my card does not work?

If for any reason your card does not work, or only works in some places, bring it to either Card Office so we can evaluate and resolve the problem. 

  • What should I do if I've LOST my USM Card?

You should report your lost card immediately. Simply utilize the quick link "Report Card LOST".   You can also call our lost line (207) 780-5678 but please note these messages are not acted upon when our offices are closed.  

  • What does it cost to replace my USM Card?

Your first USM Card is issued free of charge.  All replacement cards (unless deemed defective) incur a $20 fee.  This fee is billed to your student account.

  • Why can’t you give my balance information over the phone?

In compliance with FERPA and REG-E, we cannot give any information regarding your USM Card over the telephone.  You can view your information online (see quick links) or simply drop by one of our Card Office locations.