Purchasing and Payables

Purchasing Policies/Information


  • APL VII-A.2 - University of Maine System Purchasing Procedures
  • APL VII-B - Procurement Standards of Conduct 
  • Memberships - Policy and Procedures
  • Payment Terms
  • Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
  • Purchasing Manual
  • Furniture - Unless advance, written, approval from Facilities Management or Purchasing and Payables has been provided, all furniture items shall be placed via contracted suppliers in MSMP. The purpose of enforcing this standard is ensure that all products and installations meet quality, safety, sustainability and best value for the university.  Standards strive to provide: (1) consistency across departments and learning environments; (2) re-usability and flexibility (as space and user needs constantly change); (3) parity for departments that have limited operating budgets; and a set criterion for high quality commercial products offering longevity, value, safety, and professional appearance.