Purchasing and Payables

Travel and Expenses

Travel and Expense Reimbursements

All travel reimbursements must be sent to Purchasing and Payables prior to payment. The Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) has a column called "Expenses Paid by University". It is used for those expenses paid in advance by the University, covered by a purchase order and/or expenses covered by a Purchasing Card. It also facilitates reporting total costs of out of state travel to our state legislators as required by law. Whenever possible, please do not put out of state and in state travel on the same Travel Expense Voucher (TEV).

Please review the Travel APL prior to your trip. The University does not pay for any personal travel. If you have a personal aspect to your trip please contact us prior to making any reservations.

Tips - meal tipping is capped at 15% rounded up to the nearest dollar per the Travel APL. No other tips are allowable such as the hotel maid or cab tips.

If you have any questions about your travel please contact: Melissa Groleau, melissa.groleau@maine.edu, 780-5207

Carbon Footprint - instructions for the use of account codes to assist us in tracking our campus carbon footprint

Currency Converter

Direct Deposit & Expense History - how to guides

Meals While in Travel Status - flowchart to determine meal method, including determining high cost location amount

Meals at High Cost Location - example of completed request form

Moving Expenses - link to the APL IV-H Moving Expenses and form for reimbursement and reporting

Per Diem - Summary of Travel information - includes mileage rates

Travel Expense Form - excel format, remember to fill in the meal cap for the method of meal reimbursement you have chosen

~~Directions for Travel Expense form

~~Travel Reimbursement Guidelines - is your travel a reimbursement or compensation, could it be considered a commute to work?

Travel Policy - link to the APL IV-B Travel and Expense Procedures

Travel Request/Advance excel form - Please use this form for your written permission to travel and maintain at your department. This form is also used to request a travel loan approximately two weeks prior to your trip.

Travel Tips - helpful hints before you travel, policy reminders and TEV hints