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John Derouche

Assistant Director, Tour Coordinator
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John Derouche


111B Abromson Center

Contact Information

Phone: 207-780-4556

University of Southern Maine, BS Applied Technical Leadership; 2009

Andover College, AS Computer Technology - Web Design, 2003

Mexico, ME

Favorite classes at USM
ITP 230 - Project Management
LOS 500 & 501 - Foundations of Leadership Studies
LOS 611 - Communication & Relationship Building

Advice you have for prospective students

Be a part of what is happening at USM!
My first semester of college was perhaps my toughest.  I remember meeting a lot of fantastic people and had a lot of great opportunities to get out into the campus community, but I recall spending too much time in my room with the door closed wondering what to do with my newfound free time.  In my time since that semester, I have seen many students who have become fantastically more successful and get more satisfaction out of their USM experience by finding a way to get involved.  This could be accomplished by joining a club, playing an intramural sport, running for student government, daring to get on stage at an open mic event, or just leaving your comfort zone and participating in what is happening on campus. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to the people around you!  USM has countless unique opportunities for all students!

Go to classes, and ask for help!
Admittedly, I skipped a number of classes my first year thinking that I could just get the notes or read the text to keep up with the class.  Boy, was I wrong!  My advice would be to never miss a class if you can help it.  It is easy to miss a deadline or critical study advice by not being present in class.  If you do happen to fall behind, don't skip a class out of fear of not being prepared; you will only fall further behind!  USM has a wealth of great resources to get you back on track, including the Student Success Center, tutoring services for all students, and wonderful staff to help you tackle any obstacles you encounter.  Ask for help, and challenge yourself to do more to drive your own success!

Book that you recommend

Herman Melville - Moby Dick (A Classic!)
Yann Martel - Life of Pi

Favorite meal at a restaurant near each campus
Sweet Potato Burrito at Punky's in Portland
The Bronx Bomber at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli in Auburn
The Smokestack at Sebago Brewing Company in Gorham