Adult and Higher Education

The Adult Education Graduate Society (AEGS)

AEGS is an organization made up of current students, alumni and faculty of the Adult Education Program. Its purpose is the following: to provide a forum through which these constituencies can stay in touch on a regular basis; to support the continued vitality and relevancy of the program through advice and fund raising projects; and through sponsoring events and networking activities.

AEGS sponsors events throughout the year. In the fall semester, a “Careers in Progress” program is offered for current students, particularly for those who are newly enrolled in the introductory classes. This is a valuable networking event in which graduates of the program share their professional experiences with those who are doing career exploration. The winter/spring “Capstone Dinner” brings together old and new friends to learn from students who share ideas from their capstone papers. The May event celebrates the graduating students. Bagels by the Sea in August/September gives participants a chance to visit in the relaxed and beautiful setting in Portland.

These gatherings are excellent times to catch up with old friends, meet other adult educators and listen to thought-provoking presentations by students and graduates.