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Allen Lampert

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Allen received his MS Degree in Adult Education from USM in 1999. His interest was the study of barriers adult learners face in their education. Over the past several years he has taught HRD-639 “The Heart of Teaching” which focuses on transformative learning theory and critical reflection in adult learning and teaching. 

Allen served in various senior management positions in banking from California to Boston from 1981 to 1993. He was president of the Metropolitan Banking Group at Neworld Bank in Boston from 1990-1993. Between 1994 and 1996 he served as president and CEO of HGC Communications in Massachusetts. 

In 1996, Allen started a career in adult education as a part time teacher for Wells-Ogunquit, Biddeford, Women Unlimited, and eventually Portland Adult Education. In 1997, Allen was hired as a full-time teacher for Portland Adult Education. Since that time, he as taught and coordinated programs to help adults acquire skills for employment.

He tries to bring his corporate background into the classroom to help students appreciate and better understand business dynamics. 

In his spare time, Allen helps Michael Brady manage their modest enterprise, New Teacher Concepts, which helps adult education programs with new and inexperienced teachers. Allen has done workshops and seminars on teaching at such varied places as Georgia’s Dept. of Education Teacher’s Academy, adult education programs in Maine, and adult education conferences in Maine, New York, and Connecticut. 

He has co-authored Understanding What You Read, The New Teacher of Adults, and was recently published in Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult Learning. Allen spends his time at the beach, studies karate, reads, writes, and plays music.