Academic Peer Advising

What is Academic Peer Advising?

Academic Peer Advising at the University of Southern Maine is a nationally recognized program! Academic Peer Advisors are advanced students who work closely with faculty and professional mentors in developing connections and opportunities for students.

In addition to working with their mentors, Academic Peer Advisors participate in an intensive training program and take a 2 credit course during the fall semester with a 1 credit option during the spring semester. 

Meet our Current Academic Peer Advisors and our Past Academic Peer Advisors.

To learn more about the program, please check out the FAQsection.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University’s Academic Peer Advising Program is to help students identify, pursue, and reach their academic goals.  The structure of the program allows Academic Peer Advisors the unique ability to offer students insight into the common experience of university life.

Peer Advisor application:

Applications will be available during the Spring Semester and due at the end of February/beginning of March. See application for the deadline.  Applications are available online or by contacting Kristi Hertlein at 780-5652.

Participating Departments

Any academic and support services department is eligible to participate in the program.


"Academic Advising is a guided process of sense-making, meaning-making, and decision-making regarding educational, career, and life goals."

                                     -Dr. Susan Campbell