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Re: Networkmaine Maintenance - UMM **EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE** Dec 21, 2016

Outages - Wed, 2016-12-21 17:33
Everything is back up that was up before, there are 4 APs still not coming
up in Sennett and 1 in Dorward. We'll work with Cisco TAC to determine the

On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 4:13 PM, Jason McDonald wrote:

> When: Dec 21, 2016 5:15PM
> Expected Duration: 1/2hr
> Scope: UMM Wireless
> Summary:
> Reboot of the wireless controller to work around an AP join
> problem discovered after the power outage affecting a small number of APs.
> Wireless service will be affected for about 10 minutes. [...]

Networkmaine Maintenance - UMM **EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE** Dec 21, 2016

Outages - Wed, 2016-12-21 16:13
When: Dec 21, 2016 5:15PM
Expected Duration: 1/2hr
Scope: UMM Wireless

Reboot of the wireless controller to work around an AP join problem discovered after the power outage affecting a small number of APs. Wireless service will be affected for about 10 minutes. NOC has negotiated action with the campus. [...]

Re: Networkmaine Maintenance - UMaine Augusta Dec 21, 2016

Outages - Wed, 2016-12-21 07:54
This maintenance has been completed.

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 10:06 AM, wrote:

> Where: UMaine Augusta
> When: Dec 21, 2016 0500
> Expected Duration: 2hrs
> Scope: Jewett Hall
> Summary:
> Switches will be replaced.
> Details:
> Networkmaine Contact Info during the window for this work:
> scofield@maine.edu
> NOC 561-3587
> Local/Campus Contact Info during this window of work:
> NONE / Unknown at this time


USM Popular Queries - Wed, 2016-12-21 03:01

Networkmaine Maintenance - UMaine Augusta Dec 21, 2016

Outages - Mon, 2016-12-19 10:06
Where: UMaine Augusta
When: Dec 21, 2016 0500
Expected Duration: 2hrs
Scope: Jewett Hall

Switches will be replaced.

Networkmaine Contact Info:
NOC 561-3587

Local/Campus Contact Info during this window of work:
NONE / Unknown at this time


USM Popular Queries - Fri, 2016-12-16 20:01

Re: Reduced Internet Capacity

Outages - Fri, 2016-12-16 15:38
Service was restored to normal capacity shortly after 2:00pm this
afternoon. Additionally, it does not appear any congestion was encountered
during the outage period, so the slowness we were concerned about did not
come to pass.

Thank you.

Re: Reduced Internet Capacity

Outages - Fri, 2016-12-16 10:28
Our Albany link is down, removing capacity to Internet 2's R&E network and
Commercial Peering Service.
The displaced traffic is now coming across our I2 link to Cambridge and our
FirstLight link in Orono. Both have been able to absorb the additional
load without congestion.

Reduced Internet Capacity

Outages - Fri, 2016-12-16 10:12
Due to a weather-related outage, we are currently operating with reduced
external Internet bandwidth capacity. This may result in some slowness in
accessing external web sites and other external connections. We will send
a notice when normal capacity is restored.

Re: USM network outage

Outages - Wed, 2016-12-14 08:55
As of late yesterday evening, the failed wireless hardware was replaced,
and all wireless service was restored. At this time there are no known
outages remaining from yesterday afternoon’s event. If you are still
having or hearing of issues you believe might be related to yesterday’s
outage, please contact us.

Thank you.



USM Popular Queries - Tue, 2016-12-13 22:01


USM Popular Queries - Tue, 2016-12-13 22:01

finals schedule

USM Popular Queries - Tue, 2016-12-13 22:01

Re: USM network outage

Outages - Tue, 2016-12-13 16:44
There has been a hardware failure of the equipment that manages some of the
wireless for USM/Gorham. Work is under way to replace the failed
equipment, however that may take until tomorrow morning. In the meantime,
anyone who is currently experiencing a wireless outage will regrettably
continue without service until the replacement is complete. As soon as the
new equipment is online, or if there are any intervening updates, we will
post another notice. [...]

Re: USM network outage

Outages - Tue, 2016-12-13 15:58
Most service to USM has now been restored. Some wireless users at
USM/Gorham may still be experiencing issues; work is continuing on that

USM network outage

Outages - Tue, 2016-12-13 15:35
We are currently having an issue with a router that services much of the
USM campus, causing an outage for those users. Work is currently under way
to restore service. We will update when more details are available.

Knitting group hopes to keep activists warm at Standing Rock

USM Free Press News Feed - Sat, 2016-12-10 12:07

“I would tell the protesters at Standing Rock to keep up the good fight and stand firm,” said Roberta Ransley-Matteau, Cartographic Cataloguer at the Osher Map Library. Ransley-Matteau started the Carto-Crafters, a group that works on “knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, and more,” about a year ago.

“We meet on Thursdays from 4:30 P.M. to 6 P.M., because the map library is open until 8. So that gives us time to knit, crochet, sew, or do other crafts,”

Ransley-Matteau said. The group caters to people of all levels of skills, whether that be first-time or seasoned knitters. The Carto-Crafters meet in the reading room located within the Osher Map Library on the Portland campus, adjacent to the Glickman Library.

“I suggested that perhaps we could send hats, scarves, mittens to the protesters at Standing Rock since winter was fast approaching,” she said on the group’s most recent project. “I saw a box in the main lobby of the Glickman Library which began to get filled with warm clothing. The carto-crafters were very receptive and they did a wonderful job with hats, scarves and cowls. We sent a box with our donations about two weeks ago. I hope it got there!”

In North Dakota, much like here in Maine, the winters are cold, and seeing as protesters are exposed to the elements, it is vital for their health and safety to stay warm. Temperatures can drop below freezing this time of year, so the warm clothing made by USM’s Carto-Crafters could be of great use to those at Standing Rock.

The current geopolitical climate at Standing Rock changes by the day and updates come in continuously via social media and other outlets. As of Dec. 4, the Army Corps of Engineers has stated they will not grant permission for the last leg of the pipeline installation through reservation land. Protesters have been camped out for months at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, and have faced great opposition. Thus far, there have been reports of tear gas, rubber bullets and attack dogs being used against protesters. Protesters are standing their ground to protect their land, including sacred burial grounds and important cultural and spiritual sites, and to protect water from pollution caused by oil leaks, as well as uphold treaty rights (as outlined in the 1851 Treaty Traverse des Sioux and the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868). The pipeline is a $3.78 billion dollar project that, if completed, would span a total of 1,172 miles.

“Yes it does raise issues of the sovereignty of Native lands. But the government has consistently violated their rights and they are doing it again in the name of Big Oil,” said Ransley-Matteau on the subject of native rights and land sovereignty.  

Even with the order to halt construction of the pipeline, protesters have reported that the oil company has continued to dig and receives a daily fine for the violation. The protests have brought forth an important discussion to have as a nation, and that is the topic of the sovereignty of indigenous peoples, as well as the importance of protecting our environment. We will continue to have this discussion as a nation, and as a global community.

Students strive to get more gender neutral bathrooms on campus

USM Free Press News Feed - Sat, 2016-12-10 12:06

USM has only a limited number of gender-neutral bathrooms on its three campuses. Gender-neutral bathrooms are important to have to provide a safe and accommodating bathroom for all students. There are several locations on the Portland and Gorham campuses that students can find a gender-neutral bathroom, which includes any single-stall bathroom. However, not every location has a gender-neutral option. Students who are looking to use a safe, gender-neutral bathroom often have to go out of their way or even to another building to find one.

“Many of the bathrooms are hidden away in various buildings around campus and you wouldn’t know where they are unless someone had shown you in the past or you did some research on it,” said Aidan Campbell, the student chair of the Gender Diversity Advisory Council.

All residence halls on the Gorham campus have at least one gender-neutral bathroom, but some students have to leave their own floor to be able to use the bathroom. To meet the needs of all students, the CSGD is working on several projects to create safe and accommodating bathrooms.

Sarah Holmes, the assistant dean of students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, is at the head of a project, which is scheduled to take place over winter break, to change the signs of USM’s gender-neutral bathrooms.

“The CSGD is working with Facilities Management on a re-signage project, creating new signage for all of the gender neutral bathrooms to make them clear to students,” Holmes stated.

The new signs for the gender-neutral bathrooms will be changed to say “All-Gender Bathroom.” Holmes stated that the language is specific and intentional to include all students. Campbell is also a part of the new signage project, which he stated will involve going around campus and getting an updated count on the number of gender-neutral bathrooms at USM. The CSGD has also been working with Nancy Griffin, the vice president for Enrollment Management, and Buster Neel, the Interim Chief Business Officer, about renovating the Woodbury Campus Center to include a gender-neutral bathroom.

The closest gender-neutral bathroom to Woodbury is in Wishcamper Center.

“Having that option in Woodbury would be a great step in creating a safe and inclusive space,” Campbell stated.

Molly Roberts, a student at USM and the president of the Queer Straight Alliance, has been working with Student Body President Humza Khan on this project.

Roberts stated that the bathroom would be located between the male and female bathrooms, where a janitor’s closet currently is.

“It’s important for all kinds of people to have a gender neutral bathroom, people who are gender nonconforming, transgender and people who don’t want to feel like they have to pick one or the other, because not everyone fits in a box like that,” Roberts stated.

Campbell stated that many students have come forward asking for a gender-neutral bathroom in Woodbury.

“In order for students to find a place that they feel safe, where they’re not going to get funny looks for using a bathroom or get questioned about whether or not it’s appropriate for them to be in that particular gendered bathroom, they have to leave the building and go across the street,” Holmes stated.

Roberts also mentioned that the CSGD will be hosting a forum, set to take place in the spring semester, in the amphitheater in Woodbury Campus Center for students to talk about other places where they would like to have a gender-neutral bathroom.

“In infrastructure USM is not accommodating to people who need a gender neutral bathroom, but there are people who are actively interested and involved in changing that,” Roberts stated. “Administration is being welcoming and accommodating to hearing new ideas.”

Holmes stated that the CSGD is also looking to designate a few bathrooms in the Glickman Library as gender neutral.

“This would provide access to safe and accessible bathrooms for our students and to help send a message that all of our students are important,” Holmes stated.

Holmes stated that any new buildings constructed at USM will include gender-neutral bathrooms.

“Part of university law is that we will not discriminate against people based on their gender,” Holmes said.

Aside from the many projects the CSGD is working on to make the bathrooms at USM more accommodating, another big aspect of their work is educating students.

“In our society and culture we operate under the idea that there are only two genders and that we live in a binary world,” Holmes stated. “However the work that we do in the CSGD helps to educate the campus community about the diversity of gender identities and gender expression.”

“Having gender neutral bathrooms available is important for the growth and inclusion of all students here at USM,” Campbell stated. “It is important that all students feel safe on campus and having gender neutral bathrooms will provide that feeling of safety for many students.”

“The more that we can educate our campus community about the reality and the daily lives of all of our students, the better the community can be,” Holmes said.

A full list of all of USM’s gender-neutral bathrooms can be found on the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity’s (CSGD) page on the USM website.

Student senate hopes to move forward after alleged hate crime

USM Free Press News Feed - Sat, 2016-12-10 12:06

The Student Senate at USM has made recent changes, with over 10 new senators being voted in, after anti-Muslim graffiti was discovered several weeks ago in the student government office in the Woodbury Campus Center

The Student Senate experienced some backlash after allegedly trying to cover up what is being investigated by the university as a hate crime. In turn, the senate is beginning to see some changes Several senators had been asked to step down or have resigned voluntarily.

The senate is now starting to move forward from the incident, with new members hoping to represent USM’s diverse campus.

Liam Ginn, the newly elected vice chair of the Student Senate, stated that he wanted to get involved because he wanted to try and make USM a more diverse and accepting environment for all students.

“I hope to bring a strong and charismatic presence to my fellow students and senators to help us all move forward as a united student body,” Ginn stated. “I want students at USM to feel comfortable around people of all cultures.”

Another student new to the senate, Aaron Pierce, feels strongly about having a more diverse group of students on the Student Senate to better represent USM’s student body.

“This is going to take a senate of people from different races, faiths, gender, sexuality, backgrounds and different views to come together to form bridges on campus,” Pierce stated.

The new members of the Student Senate are passionate about creating a welcoming environment for all students at USM.

“I spent the last five years in the Navy working with people from all walks of life, I want to see that same team spirit and group cohesion here at USM, united against bigotry and hate,” Ginn stated.

The Student Senate is now filled with 20 senators, stated Student Body President Humza Khan.

“The senate took this opportunity to bring new people into the fold,” Khan stated. “Folks that are committed to helping students and have a clear record as far as senate incidents are concerned.”

With assistance from Khan and his office, the senate will also be holding sensitivity training every semester. The first one took place Friday, Dec. 9.

Apart from the new training, the new members of the senate have goals of their own. They look to create a more unified school, especially after the anti-Muslim graffiti incident.

“This is going to take a lot of work, cleaning house, and changing the culture with the senate, which is not an overnight process,” Pierce stated. “It will take working together and respecting one another to get the reform done. In order to put change and reform on campus we need to work to reform ourselves.”

One new senator, Nickolas Acker, stated that he wanted to get involved because he thought certain demographics within the student body are underrepresented  in the Student Senate.

“As a conservative at USM I’m part of a small community that sometimes feels wary of expressing their views on campus out of fear of being ostracized or ganged up on,” Acker stated. “If I can represent those who feel they don’t have a voice, I will have done something right.”

Acker suggested how he feels the Student Senate should move forward after the anti-Muslim graffiti incident incident.

“The senate needs to create a forum where students can voice their concerns about alleged Islamophobia, homophobia or any other type of discrimination,” Acker stated.

Acker feels hopeful about the new group of senators that have been voted in. He stated that they are all passionate about improving all students’ experiences  on campus and listening to their concerns.

“We need to change the culture at USM to one where students see themselves as a community, support one another, and where student can feel as comfortable as being home,” Pierce stated. “It is up to us, the senate, to do these changes and I feel we can do so.”



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