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Electronic Course Evaluation (ECE) Process

Please see the links below for further information about the Electronic Course Evaluations.

Questions about the Electronic Course Evaluation (ECE) process? Contact Kristen Beahm, 228-8086,


Browsers to Use
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ECE Course Evaluation Timelines

**USM and Law School 2017 Summer ECE Timeline

**USM Spring 2017 ECE Timeline
**LAW School Spring 2017 ECE Timeline


Links for Electronic Course Evals (ECE)

Administrative access (Dept Chairs, Deans, administrative personnel; to review all course evaluations in a department):

Faculty portal (Faculty can view only their own course evaluations):

Student portal (Student access to the course evaluation, only during the course evaluation times):


Student Questions and Answers about an Electronic Course Evaluation

*The most common questions asked by students about the ECE.


Faculty Questions and Answers about an Electronic Course Evaluation

*Student Comments on the ECE

*Syllabus Excerpt

*The most common questions asked by faculty members about the ECE.

*Instructions for Adding Course-Specific Questions

*Tutorial video for accessing the faculty portal, log-in procedures and creating course-specific items to add the standard E-Green Form.

Please click on the link below for the video


Standard Electronic Course Evaluation: USM Green Form

*To see a copy of the items on the E-Green Form


ECE Basic Procedures

*ECE Procedures, 2015

*ECE Slide Presentation


Strategies to Boost Online Response Rates

*Best Practices for Online Response Rates


Research Literature regarding Online Course Evaluations