Office of Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment Overview

The Office of Academic Assessment supports institutional effectiveness initiatives, assists university departments with continuous program and course improvements by offering education and consultation regarding the assessment of student learning and development.

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Ongoing Assessment Activities

  • Document assessment practices on a regular cycle for sustaining a "culture of evidence."
    • Faculty/Staff are asked to participate by completing an assessment audit form of the assessment activities in their area for the purposes of improvement.
  • Consult and educate faculty/staff in designing program assessments.
    • Faculty/Staff are able to obtain sufficient information (ie. templates, tools, resources) to conduct assessment activities.
  • Provide technical support for faculty/staff who need assistance in conducting departmental surveys.
    • Faculty/Staff are able to obtain an analysis report of their survey data collection.
  • Manage and maintain institutional-wide assessment data and make data accessible to university community.
    • Faculty/Staff are able to obtain compilations of course evaluation data by request, and assessment data reports via web.
  • Implement and supervise the local assessment programs and national testing programs on-campus and at the off-campus sites.
    • Degree and Non-degree students are able to obtain testing information, register for selected exams, and take the examinations they need at the university.