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Big History Courses & Syllabi

Here are samples of syllabi and flyers from Big History courses around the world. We present them here, in the hopes that it will encourage others to develop their own courses in Big History. If anyone wishes to learn more about the courses, please contact the instructors directly, through the Big History Directory on this website.

Arkansas Technical University, Russellville, Arkansas (USA):
History Department: HIST 4514 “Big History”
(Alexander Mirkovic)

Ewha Women’s University, Seoul (South Korea):
Summer course # 10946 “New World History, Global History & Big History”
(David Christian)

University of California, Berkeley, California (USA):
Department of Earth & Planetary Science: EPS C51 (= LS C70X) “Big History: Cosmos, Earth, Life, Humanity;” (Walter Alvarez)
Big History: Cosmos, Earth, Life, Humanity (Walter Alvarez )

University of California Riverside (USA):
Department of Earth Sciences/Honors Program: HNPG025G: The Testament of Time
(Nigel Hughes)

The American University in Cairo, Cairo (Egypt):
History Department: HIST 111 “Big History”
History Department: HIST 320 "Big History"
(David Blanks)

Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan (USA):
History Department: HST 101-14 “Big History”
(Craig Benjamin)

Boston University, Boston. Massachusetts (USA):
Astronomy 117 “Cosmic Evolution: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life”
(Thomas Bania)

Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut (USA):
History Department: HIST 101 “Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present”
(Fred Paxton).

Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts (USA):
Harvard College Observatory: Astro E-8 "Cosmic Evolution: The Origins of Matter and Life"
(Eric Chaisson)

Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois (USA):
Sociology 220 “Global Social Change: An Introduction to Macrosociology”
(Thomas Burr)

Macquarie University, Sydney, New South Wales (Australia):
History Department: HIST 115 “An Introduction to World History”
(David Christian)

Menlo College, Atherton, California (USA):
History Department: HIS 185 “Big History: Human Society and the Natural World”
(Jeremy Neill)

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon (USA):
Science Education: “Our Cosmic History”
(Todd Duncanson)

International State University, Dubna, Moscow (Russia)
“Big (Universal) History”
(Akop Nazaretyan)

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada):
History Department: HIST 130 “Modern World History: Little Big History”
(Luke Clossey)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA):
Department of Biology: Biology 190A “Cosmos: From the Origin of the Universe to the Evolution of Life and Intelligence;”
(James Walker)

University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College (USA):

Humanities program, LCC 350-I Global Past, Global Present: From the Big Bang to Globalization (Barry Rodrigue)
Humanities program, LCC 350-I, (Online) Global Past, Global Present: From the Big Bang to Globalization (Barry Rodrigue)
Humanities program, LCC 350-I, (Russian vesion) Global Past, Global Present: From the Big Bang to Globalization (Barry Rodrigue)

Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania (USA):
Social Science 1000 (SSC 1000-001) Becoming Human–Becoming Social
(Michael Zimmerman & Lowell Gustafson)

Zygon Center for Religion and Science, the Lutheran School of Theology and the Association of Chicago Theological Schools, Chicago, Illinois (USA):
Theology Department: LSTC T-456 “The Epic of Creation”