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Interaction rate versus density in harbor seals

Graduate student research published in Journal of Mammalogy

Anne Honeywell (M.S. Biology, 2014) published "Intensity, rate, and outcome of agonistic interactions in harbor seals (Phoca vitulina concolor) vary with density on haul-out ledges," coauthored with her thesis advisor, Dr. Chris Maher, in the Journal of Mammalogy.
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Undergraduate research published in Journal of Experimental Biology

Dr. Jeff Walker and Sean Caddigan, an Exercise Science major who graduated in May, coauthored the paper, "Performance trade-offs and individual quality in decathletes," which was published recently in the Journal of Experimental Biology.
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USM hosting phenomics workshop

Dr. Lisa Moore, Professor of Biology, is co-organizer of the Next Generation Phenomics workshop, which brings together researchers from throughout the country and will be held 7-8 July on the USM Portland campus.

Biology students publish Op-Ed piece in Bangor Daily News

As part of their capstone course this spring, Biology majors Jennifer Suttles and Susan Duong wrote an Op-Ed article on the Human Microbiome that was published in the Bangor Daily News.

Dr. Lisa Moore receives Australian Endeavor Executive Fellowship

Dr. Moore will spend part of her sabbatical at Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Alex Dalton awarded Tom Knight Biology Scholarship

Congratulations to Alex Dalton, a senior Biology major, who received the Tom Knight Biology Scholarship for 2014-2015.

Biology students coauthor publication on effects of Gulf oil spill

Two undergraduate alumni of the Biology Department, John Wise, Jr. (B.S. '13), James Wise (B.S. '13), and a current undergraduate Biology student, Catherine Wise, coauthored a paper, "Concentrations of the Genotoxic Metals, Chromium and Nickel, in Whales, Tar Balls, Oil Slicks, and Released Oil from the Gulf of Mexico in the Immediate Aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Crisis: Is Genotoxic Metal Exposure Part of the Deepwater Horizon Legacy?", published recently in Environmental Science and Technology.

Shri Verrill awarded Sigma Xi research grant

Shri Verrill, a graduate student in Biology, received a research grant from Sigma Xi in support of her master's thesis project.

Molly Payne awarded "Best Student Presentation"

Molly Payne, a graduate student in Biology, received the award for "Best Student Presentation" from the Northeast Chapter of the American Fisheries Society at the Northeast Fish and Wildlife Conference.

Christine Maher's Woodchuck Research Highlighted in Maine Audubon Newsletter

Dr. Christine Maher has been studying the woodchucks at Maine Audubon's Gilsland Farm since 1998. Though typically considered anti-social animals, the woodchucks at the farm in Falmouth have been found to be more social than most! Read about Dr. Maher's findings in the Maine Audubon newsletter.