Kate Cheney Chappell 83 Center for Book Arts


Rebecca Goodale
Recipients are selected for demonstrating excellence in craftsmanship, inspired design, a singular voice or style, and a career of service to the field.
Richard Lee: Paper Trails
Richard Lee favored paper for its organic and intuitive properties; he would bring boxes of long dried Japanese kozo fiber to his Richmond, Maine studio, where we would boil the fibers until soft, grind the matter in blenders, and immerse it in water. He used a mold and deckle to form each sheet, and then Lee would lay the wet pulp formations on wooden boards to dry and form into paper.
Purgatory Pie Press
Faust and Smith have exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Harvard, Smith College, the Rhode Island School of Design, Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, Md., and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.
Scott McCarney
Scott McCarney, renowned New York-based artist and educator, will present a lecture, “The Death of the Book has been Somewhat Exaggerated,” along with a book arts workshop, "Round Robin Books: An Edition in Two Acts."
USM Book Arts Bazaar
The bazaar, slated for next month on the USM Portland campus, includes more than 40 artisan vendors -- book artists, papermakers, bookbinders, printmakers, educators and writers -- who will sell handmade goods such as fine press books, artists’ books, broadsides, fine bindings, decorated papers and journals.
A Meditation on Mending
The exhibition aims to bear witness to the events on Al-Mutanabbi Street and to collectively affirm that the right to a free exchange of ideas and culture in public space is never to be taken for granted.
The Visual Book
The exhibition includes more than 40 works created by 12 USM Art students who are enrolled in the Art 241 course. Each student’s work is based on a self-selected theme; themes range from nature in Maine, to rhythm and flow, to a love story between a yeti monster and a sasquatch.
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