Welcome to the Kate Cheney Chappell '83 Center for Book Arts.

In an age where most people buy mass-produced books at chain stores and an increasing number of people shop for their books online to read on Amazon’s Kindle electronic reading device, one would think the days of holding and opening a hand-bound book are over. Except, of course, for a growing contingent of book artists who create works of art as limited edition, hand-printed books or unique handmade volumes. An art form that reaches back to medieval bookbinding and letterpress tradition and forward to installation art and novel constructions, book arts cover a wide spectrum.

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Book Arts Bazaar
Bound Together III: USM Book Arts
Lectures by Stephanie Wolff and David Wolfe

Summer Book Arts

Summer Book Arts

Monday, August 1st -

Sunday, August 7th

Wishcamper Center, USM Portland campus

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