College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Self-Designed Major Program

The Self-Designed Major Program offers opportunities for self-directed students to arrange the courses offered by the University of Southern Maine in a way unique to the student's interests, and within specific guidelines. Reasons for applying for a Self-Designed Major may be for the purpose of qualifying for graduate school admission in a particular field, preparing for employment in a particular job, or for self-fulfillment. The rationale for the policies and proposal requirements is to achieve a quality program leading to a viable degree for each approved Self-Designed Major.

The Self-Designed Major Program offers two options :

Individual Contract Self-Designed Major - An individual contract self‑designed major is one in which the student carefully selects each course to fit with their specific goals and interests within certain guidelines. Proposals for self‑designed majors are presented to a committee of faculty for review and approval during the fall and spring semesters

Group Contract Self-Designed Major - A group contract self‑designed major is one where a curriculum has been previously established using courses from two or more departments.


See the SDM News for more about both the Individual Contract Self-Designed Major and the Group Contract Self-Designed Majors currently available.