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News & Events

USM University of Southern Maine visual and performing arts
USM College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offers an array of visual and performing arts activities for September.
University of Southern Maine Minimum Wage Portland
As the city of Portland grapples with the issue of making a citywide mandatory increase in the minimum wage for all workers, faculty from the University of Southern Maine (USM) are contributing their expertise to this important discussion.
USM University of Southern Maine PORTopera School of Music Department of Theatre
More than 80 USM community members affiliated with the university’s School of Music and Department of Theatre, both under the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, have taken part in highly successful PORTopera and Maine State Music Theatre summer productions, plus other notable music and theater companies in the region.

USM Visual and Performing Arts Season

USM Visual and Performing Arts

USM's upcoming visual and performing arts season has been announced!

Creative Thinking in STEM

USM Creative Thinking STEM University of Southern Maine

Raphael DiLuzio, USM associate professor of digital art and design, and his academic team, using a grant from the National Science Foundation, are taking creative-thinking processes from the art studio into USM's undergraduate science and technology classrooms.

The team researched and developed teaching modules on creative thinking to introduce to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) educators at the university.

The goal is to evaluate the effects on STEM faculty and undergraduates, with the potential for teaching and reinforcing the creative-process across the curriculum at universities, much like writing is taught across disciplines.

Working with USM computer science, math, biology, chemistry and physics faculty, the team first held a week-long workshop on creativity and teaching methods at USM's CI2 Lab.

Also on the team are Kelly Hrenko, assistant professor of art, Jan Piribeck, professor of art, Carl Blue, associate professor of technology, and Clare Congdon, associate professor of computer science.