Campus Life

Local Attractions

USM’s three campuses are located in a state known for its natural beauty from the mountains to the sea. As a student, you can enjoy an infinite variety of recreational opportunities–beaches, biking, hiking, skiing, sports––as well as our amazing local food culture, arts and music scene, and so much more.

Outdoor and Indoor Recreation

Going to school at USM is like having a four-season outdoor playground in your back yard. And that’s just the beginning. We have pro sports teams, water and amusement parks, plus indoor fun of all kinds. Learn more.

Area Dining

Maine has earned a reputation as a foodie hotspot, with an emphasis on locally grown and caught (think lobster) ingredients. From casual to fancy, there are great restaurants to choose from! Learn more.

Arts, Theatre & Entertainment

For generations, Maine has inspired great works from artists, writers, poets and musicians––and still does. You’ll discover talent and creativity at every turn and many opportunities to enjoy world-class performances. Learn more.