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Unspoken Maine Poster
[Un]Spoken Maine is a collection of performances, written and performed by USM students, that bring to the stage experiences about sex, relationships, and our lives.
One of the things I've been doing as an intern for the Campus Safety Project is advocacy training with Family Crisis Services.
This February is Healthy Relationships Month. The Campus Safety Project will be partnering with Family Crisis Services and SARSSM to promote healthy relationships.
January is stalking awareness month. This past month we tabled with Family Crisis Services and Sexual Assault Response Services on stalking.
January is National Stalking Awareness Month. Every year 6.6 million people are stalked in the United States.
Take Back the Night
Take Back the Night - an event to speak out and take action against sexual violence - will be held Wednesday April 24th on the Lewiston and Gorham Campuses. Come on out and make your voice heard. Show your support for survivors and take a stand to end violence.
Raise your awareness, enhance safety skills, gain strength and inner confidence. Take on every day interactions at work, home, and in public. Learn how to prevent and respond to violence and address your own safety concerns. Physical and verbal self defense skills taught are practical, effective and fun. Accessible to all regardless of fitness or ability. This class is both serious and fun, with lots of movement! Open to all.
Come chat with well known campus figures about their relationships. Explore the challenges and joys of relationships while enjoying cocoa and hanging with your peers.
January 30th and 31st are Consent Day in Portland and Gorham Talk to your friends and colleagues about consent, get great information and a purple glo-in-the-dark Huskies Ask for Consent T!
On Tuesdays We Wear Purple
Join Campus Saftey Project every Tuesday in Gorham and Portland and every Wednesday at LAC to raise your awareness around aspects of relationship violence.


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