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Eligible Projects

What Makes a "Good" Project for Campus Ventures?

  • Late stage development & commercialization (no basic research)
  • Product design, testing, prototyping, and analysis
  • Applied materials science
  • Projects must overlap with university academic programs
  • Discrete - a project must have a finite beginning and end
  • Measurable outcomes for economic impact and workforce development

Participation in the Campus Ventures program is intended to give Maine-based technology companies a jump start in bringing commercially viable technologies to market. For the purposes of this program, “commercialization” involves the activities related to bringing a project from a late-stage conceptual level to a market-ready or near market-ready level. 

Companies must be able to clearly define a need for assistance with technology and manufacturing commercialization activities. For the purposes of this program, a business idea is ready for commercialization activity when its primary research & development has been completed and the product or idea is near or at the level of a functional prototype.  Companies with fully-designed products being manufactured in short-run or small-batch processes requiring manufacturing scale-up are also eligible for participation in this program. Companies with existing products requiring enhancements or optimization are also eligible for participation. The program does not fund or support primary research. 

Projects must require technology development that overlaps with the academic programs of the University. The review committee has full discretion in deciding if a project can be supported by university faculty, students, and facilities.

Due to funding restrictions, Campus Ventures grant funded commercialization support is competitive in nature. Prospective clients who are not selected for grant-funded support may access support services on a fee-for service basis.

Past Projects

Campus Ventures

Mike Wing speaks about the Campus Ventures program at the University of Southern Maine, where Maine entrepreneurs can seek help from faculty and student interns to build prototypes, solve technical challenges, and get their ideas off the ground.

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