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The Gorham Lamp: A Campus Ventures Faculty Commercialization Project

The “Gorham Lamp” is one of the Campus Ventures program’s first beta projects. The device is a scientific instrument conceived by Dr. Joseph Staples, Lecturer in USM’s Department of Environmental Science, to aid in entomology research.

Dr. Staples conceived of the device, composed of an LED light ring and a series of translucent columns to give very fine control over specimen illumination. The device is intended to be used as an accessory to standard stereo microscopes in order to allow professionals the ability to study and document specimens using a variety of digital microphotography techniques.

The students of the Campus Ventures program developed the device from a concept sketch provided by Dr. Staples. Over an 18 month period, the student team created proof of concept models, functional prototypes, and designed the circuitry and controls.

Recently four finished prototypes were manufactured and are in use in labs around Maine, including Dr. Staples' lab in Gorham. As a result of this project, a New Invention Notification has been submitted as proof of new USM Intellectual Property.

Top right - Acantholyda angulate  (Hymenoptera: Pamphiliidae)  Adult stage. Image was taken with a stereo microscope and a standard ring fluorescent light.
Bottom right - Acantholyda erythrocephala (Hymenoptera: Pamphiliidae)  Pupating stage. Image was taken with a stereo microscope and the Gorham Lamp invented by Dr. Joseph Staples. 

Campus Ventures

Mike Wing speaks about the Campus Ventures program at the University of Southern Maine, where Maine entrepreneurs can seek help from faculty and student interns to build prototypes, solve technical challenges, and get their ideas off the ground.

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