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PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2014 placements. Applications can still be submitted but will be considered for our Fall 2014 placements.


USM's College of Science, Technology & Health (CSTH) Internship Program is now accepting applications! This program gives upper level students the opportunity to work for up to 6 months in a local organization in a position related to their field of study. Students can earn up to 6 academic credits for their work and become better prepared for careers in their field after graduation. Many student interns go on to work in full-time jobs at their internship sites after graduation. 

USM is partnering with top Maine companies for recurring, high-level, paid technical internship positions, including: 

Baker Company, Cianbro Corp, Fluid Imaging Technology, and Tyler Technologies

Students and companies determine the work schedule and duration of the experience, and work schedules can be flexible around both the student and company needs. Ideally the students will approximately 40 hours/week, but a work schedule for less than 40 hours/week is possible. All positions are paid, and wages may vary. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with deadlines for each semester outlined in the schedule below. Students must also participate in a monthly seminar while enrolled in the course, and participation in this seminar is mandatory. Failure to attend the monthly seminar may be grounds for termination of the internship.


Matriculated students in any CSTH major are encouraged to apply. Students must have at least 60 completed credits or at least Junior standing in their program. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and must be eligible to work in the US. Some companies may require additional completed credits, higher GPA, citizenship status, and other critieria for consideration. Students must apply to and be accepted into the program in order to access these internship positions. Students accepted into the program and placed must register for a section of STH440 in MaineStreet.

Program Details:

Acceptance into the program does not guarantee an internship placement. Students must maintain GPA and good-standing status to remain eligible for the program. Students can participate in the experience up to two times during their USM career. Each academic unit will determine if participation in STH 440 course will satisfy a graduation requirement. Students must meet with a faculty advisor and with program staff to plan courses and ensure that important course scheduling is not overlooked. At this time, enrollment is limited to students in a CSTH major, however it is likely that the program will expand to include non-technical positions in the near future.  Students must enter into a learning contract between the student, the company, and the University prior to the start of each placement. Because students become temporary employees of the companies sponsoring their internships, they must abide by each company's Employee Handbook or employment eligibility requirements. 

Enrollment for Spring 2014 is now open!

Students are encouraged to submit applications for positions starting in January 2014 and May 2014. Here is a brief synopsis of the timeline for applications for the rest of 2014 and 2015:

November 20: Applications open for the remainder of the 2013-2014 academic year (including summer 2014)

December 6: Applications due for Spring/Summer 2014 placements

December 9 - January 17: Internship interviews

January 20: Internship placements start for Spring/Summer 2014

February 21: Applications due for Summer/Fall 2014 placements*

February 24 - March 21: Internship interviews

May 12: Internship placements start for Summer/Fall 2014

*Some companies offer Summer-only internship positions. These positions will be explicitly noted in the position description.

Because placements are not guaranteed, students considering the Spring/Summer 2014 internship placement should still pre-register for courses as if they are not participating in the program so they are not locked out of courses should they fail to be placed in an internship site. Similarly, students hoping for a Summer/Fall 2014 placement should still pre-register for Fall courses should they fail to get a placement. Registration for STH440 must be completed for the given semester at the time of placement or before the end of Add-Drop Period, whichever comes first.

For more information, contact:

Gregory S. Cavanaugh, Assistant Director - Experiential Education 207-749-1478

Nicole White, Administrative Specialist 2 207-780-5287

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