Campus Ventures

Wizbe Innovations/ComposiMold: Manchester, ME


ComposiMold is a unique mold-making product with arts-and-crafts, food industry, and industrial applications. The unique chemistry allows the product to be food-safe and reusable.

Technology Requirements:

  • Manufacturing scale-up
  • Product optimization
  • Packaging design

Business Development Requirements: 

  • Sales & Distrubution channel development
  • Accounting & Bookeeping
  • Financial modeling

Project Duration: 10 months

Student Involvement: 

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Industrial Technology
  • Business

Company Website:

Company Contact: Stan Farrell

Campus Ventures

Mike Wing speaks about the Campus Ventures program at the University of Southern Maine, where Maine entrepreneurs can seek help from faculty and student interns to build prototypes, solve technical challenges, and get their ideas off the ground.

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