Internships and Career Placement

Last year there were 351 internships for the College of Science, Technology & Health
Internships are great ways to learn more about your field and get experience that is vital to your subject.
Be part of the Experiential Learning through internships and community service!

This page is intended as a resource to USM Students and Alumni for use in career placement services

  • Find or prepare for an internship
  • Develop professional skills like interviewing and networking
  • Connect to on campus recruitment while in school
  • Prepare for employment or graduate school after graduation

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We’re quickly headed toward a future in which college students will either be super achievers or unprepared for the workplace.

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Need Experience? Get an Internship! Benefits include:

  • Professional networking
  • Increased awareness of your own skills and abilties
  • Valuable experience in a given field
  • improved commmunication and professional skills
  • Experience to build your resume

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