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At USM we offer career services in an integrative format across the university. This website is designed to help you navigate through your career development and the faculty and staff who are available to you.Career Decision-making Wheel

Use the career decision-making wheel above to help guide your process and the links below to access the various services and departments available on each "spoke." The career development process, like the wheel, is not linear, and so revisiting one or more "spokes" is very common as you learn about yourself, and explore your career, and the occupational prospects available to you.

Awareness to Make a Choice

Learning about Yourself

Identifying Options

Getting Information

Choosing Options

Getting the Education and Training

Getting a Job

Career Pathways

Career development is an ongoing process that includes assessment, exploration, engagement and action! Start now by creating your pathway to success.

Career Tools

Building your career path includes self-discovery, skill development, utilizing resources, and significant experiences that transform you from student to professional. 

Major 2 Career

Are you curious how your major relates to your future? Do you wonder what jobs and career paths match your interests, skills and abilities?

Well, this site is for you! Explore all the majors offered to you at USM, increase your knowledge of potential career opportunites, and gain insight and expereince during your career exploration.

Graduate School

People go to graduate school for a variety of reasons. A graduate degree can prepare you to change employment fields, assist in job advancement or allow you to more fully explore a subject that you enjoy. Some professions require a graduate degree for the necessary licensing or certification.

Career Exploration for Health Fields

Understanding the many pathways to careers in the health professions is critical in year decision making process.

Student Spotlight

Sharmarke Hussain Ali was nominated for and received the USM Dog Pound award in the Fall of 2013 in recognition of his outstanding leadership within the community. 

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