Center for Collaboration and Development

Community Engaged Scholarship

April 10, 2014
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
110 Abromson Center, USM Portland

Join USM Faculty and the office of Community-Based Learning for the third and final event in our Spring 2014 Service Learning Engaged Teaching Series: Community Engaged Scholarship.

This session will introduce faculty to the research possibilities of engaged scholarship and provide an overview of existing research that substantiate gains for students in a variety of areas. Additionally, gaps in research will be addressed and the potential for USM faculty to pursue innovative research in the areas of student, community, and faculty experiences.

Dr. Gerstenblatt will share her research about the partnership between the rural town of Mart, Texas and the University of Texas at Austin, and how this unique community-university partnership can inform work at USM and the Greater Portland area. 


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Spring 2014 Service-Learning Engaged Teaching Series

How can we develop curriculum that allows students to engage with the community in meaningful ways to address social and environmental issues, while meeting academic and civic learning goals?

This faculty-led Engaged Teaching Series provides space for faculty to come together, learn about and share effective service-learning methodologies, explore the key components of successful community-campus partnerships and discuss research potential for this work. Engaged teaching and scholarship has mutual benefits for faculty, students and the community - join us to learn more about how you can utilize these methods in your teaching and in supporting the gaining momentum for this at USM. This Spring 2014 Series includes:


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