Center for Collaboration and Development

Location & Hours

Location & Hours

The physical space for the Faculty Commons is located on the third floor of The Glickman Library on the USM Portland campus. The space is evolving. While the physical space is located at Glickman, our commitment is to access--virtual and physical. Some events are streamed or recorded, or otherwise made available for access in real time or after the event.


Faculty Commons

312/313 Glickman Family Library

USM Portland Campus

Using the Space

The Faculty Commons space can accommodate individuals and/or two or three small groups. Swipe card access is available at the circulation desk.  We are a self-service location and hope to provide a warm and inviting place to convene for all USM faculty.  As a result, we ask everyone who uses this space to observe our rules and expectations for use.

Working Guidelines for Space Usage:

  • The space is to be used for work that can be considered faculty development--this includes mentoring and collaboration; building community among faculty across units (including informal gathering and socializing with colleagues); your own work. The Faculty Commons space is not meant for office hours, meeting with students (the Learning Commons on the second floor has space for that), student advising or committee meetings.
  • Swipe Card Access is required: you will need your faculty ID to get a swipe card from the first floor Circulation Desk and need to return it there when you are done using the space.
  • Leave the room the way you found it (or better!)--put furniture back, turn the computer off, clean up the coffee area.

Share Your Thoughts

Please contact Faculty Coordinator, Luci Benedict or GA Hilarie Fotter with any questions or concerns.

You are welcome to offer input online.


Special thanks to Professor Bruce Thompson for his assistance in logistical setup of the Faculty Commons Space.