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Maine Learning Technology Initiative

A Middle School One-to-One Laptop Program: The Maine Experience
Caroline A. Pinkham, Sarah E. Wintle, Leanne C. Walker, Courtney L. Bartlett, David L. Silvernail, August 2011

Improving Mathematics Performance Using Laptop Technology: the Importance of Professional Development for Success.
David L. Silvernail & Pamela J. Buffington, 2009.

Using Laptops to Facilitate Middle School Science Learning: The Results of Hard Fun
Alexis M. Berry & Sarah E. Wintle, February 2009.

Using Technology in Helping Students Achieve 21st Century Skills: a Pilot Study
David L. Silvernail, Dorothy Small, Leanne Walker, Richard L. Wilson, Sarah E. Wintle, February 2008.

21st Century Teaching and Learning: an Assessment of Student Website Evaluation Skills
Caroline Pinkham, Sarah E. Wintle, David L. Silvernail, December 2008

Maine's Middle School Laptop Program: Creating Better Writers - Research Brief
David L. Silvernail & Aaron K. Gritter, October 2007

The Impact of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative on Teachers, Students, and Learning. - Presentation (PDF)
David L. Silvernail, April 2007

The Impact of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Maine’s Middle School 1-to-1 Laptop Program – Presentation (PDF)
David L. Silvernail, May 2006

Does Maine's Middle School Laptop Program Improve Learning? A Review of Evidence to Date
David L. Silvernail, July 2005

Belief Drives Action: How Teaching Philosophy Affects Technology Use in the Classroom
Aaron Gritter, April 2005

Research Report #1
The Impact of Maine's One-to-One Laptop Program on Middle School Teachers and Students
David L. Silvernail, Dawn M.M. Lane, February, 2004

Research Report #2
Laptop Use By Seventh Grade Students with Disabilities: Perceptions of Special Education Teachers
Walter J. Harris, Lori Smith, February 2004

Research Report #3
Trading Roles: Teachers and Students Learn with Technology
Janet Fairman, May 2004

Research Report #4
Use of Laptop Computers and Classroom Assessment: Are Teachers Making the Connections
Jeffrey S. Beaudry, February 2004

Research Report #5
Two Teachers Implement One-to-One Computing: A Case Study
Abigail Garthwait, Herman Weller, July 2004

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Impact on Students and Learning
Dawn M.M. Lane, April 2003

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Impact on the Digital Divide
Paula Gravelle, April 2003

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: What is the Impact on Teacher Beliefs and Instructional Practices
Katherine Sargent, April 2003