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Relationships Between School Level Poverty Found in Maine Schools and Academic Performance
This study examines the relationships between school level poverty found in Maine schools and academic performance.
This study examines empirical evidence related to six claims about Maine's college participation rates.
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This study shares the development, impacts and costs of implementing Maine's Proficiency-Based Diploma Program (LD 1422) in nine case study schools.
A new study shares case studies exhibiting five More Efficient public high schools in Maine that demonstrate student-centered characteristics to enable all learners to obtain the skills, knowledge, and supports necessary to succeed in a 21st century economy.
New research has identified 90 Maine public schools that have consistently produced higher student performance while wisely investing taxpayers' dollars.
School Efficiency Profiles provide a quick overview of students' academic performance and the return on spending of over 500 Maine public schools.
New research reveals that while more than eight of 10 Maine students graduate from high school in four years, only one in three graduates are ready for work or college.
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