Department of Chemistry

USM Chemistry professor Peter Woodruff performs a lab demonstration for an audience of Portland High School students participating in a collaborative learning project.
USM Chemistry professor Peter Woodruff does lab demo for Portland H.S. students

The field of chemistry is concerned with the structure of matter, its transformations, and the energy changes related to these transformations. The Department of Chemistry at the University of Southern Maine is comprised of active and engaged faculty who are committed to involving students in scientific research and has been a leader in providing students with meaningful research experiences early in the curriculum.

News & Events

USM is pleased to announce its undergraduate chemistry program has received accreditation from the American Chemical Society (ACS).
The USM Chemistry department now offers an ACS accredited degree in chemistry. See the Degrees and Certificates page for details.
The American Chemical Society (ACS) student chapter at the University of Southern Maine has been selected to receive a Green Chemistry Award for its outreach activities conducted during the 2011-12 academic year.

USM Chemistry Club

The USM Chemistry Club is an ACS Student Chapter that works to educate and entertain students in K-12 about the principles of chemistry through engaging demonstrations.

In addition to performing demonstrations, the USM Chemistry Club presents chemistry research from a variety of fields at the annual national ACS conference.

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