Research at the CI2 Studio
The CI2 Studio is focused on innovation and fostering the development of Creative Intelligence in the individual and the group. The studio is a space that provides project driven interdisciplinary experiential learning through collaboration. Faculty and students from all disciplines work together to pursue creative or entrepreneurial projects that address the needs of a Creative Economy.  The CI2 Studio recognizes the importance of bringing together the intellectual core of many disciplines to create new technology centric creative expressions, products and or services while also solving real world problems.

Faculty and students work together in an open creative environment to conceive and develop research ideas that can lead to new projects with potential for commercialization. The focus in the lab is in creativity, discovery, sharing knowledge and collaboration.

If you have an idea, or would like offer your talents and abilities to work with others, then contact us and see if the CI2 is the place for you innovate and get creative. The application process is simple, if you are a USM student then download the PDF and follow the instructions provided, USM faculty please contact Raphael Diluzio directly.

The CI2 Studio provides physical workspace, a range of equipment and a mix of knowledge and skills from a cross section of USM’s faculty and students. There is also limited funding each year to help get a few of the best projects started and we will also help you find and apply for grants and other funding sources.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

The Ci2 has been using virtual reality and augmented reality since 2013

We have been proudly using virtual reality and augmented reality since 2013 in the Ci2.  We were among the first in the country to get the development kits for Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Meta and Microsoft Hololens.  We also have systems dedicated for development for the HTC Vive and other consumer versions of AR and VR.  The Ci2 is at the forefront of AR/VR development.