Classified Staff Senate


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Participation: The Classified Staff Senate is comprised of 16 classified staff members. Senators can be full or part-time, as long as they have worked for USM at least 6-months. Senators are elected to 2-year terms, with 8 senators being up for election each year.

Representation: The Senate is the voice of the classified staff and it’s our responsibility to bring the concerns of the classified staff to President Cummings and his staff. We also assist by serving, and/or finding c-staff members to serve, on university committees where President Cummings feels that input from the classified staff is important. We also serve on committees at the request of other university groups.

Education: The Senate also sponsors events and workshops that assist in the personal and professional development of classified staff members. Each year we organize and sponsor the “Classified Staff General Meeting” which takes place in the Fall. We also organize the “Annual Recognition Breakfast” that President sponsors for the classified staff. We will continue our popular "Classified Staff Scholarship Program" to help provide personal and professional enrichment to c-staff members. This is made possible by several fund raising events we hold through out the year.

Information: Through improved communication and participation with the classified staff, President Cummings and his staff, and the university as a whole, we hope to have a positive impact on the professional lives of all classified staff members. If you have concerns that you would like the senate to address, let us know.

The Classified Staff Senate wants to encourage you to consider joining the Senate and/or participating in one of the many events and projects that we sponsor. The Senate is a great way to improve your understanding of the university, develop and improve leadership skills, and help improve the working environment for your co-workers.

Anyone is welcome to attend a Classified Staff Senate meeting. The meeting schedule can be found from the meeting links to the top right of this page. If you have any questions, please contact any of your senators listed under members.