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CMHS Student Affairs

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  • Advise and support prospective and current students
  • Assist, advocate, and resolve concerns and issues of students
  • Offer scholarships, graduate assistantships, and other financial resources

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Who can help you?

College/School Programs Staff
School of Business

Sport Management
General Management

Alice Cash
Director of Student Affairs

Melissa Burns
Coordinator of Internships and Career Services

Laura O'Neill
Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Academic Advisor
(Mon, Wed, Fri)

School of Education and Human Development

Adult and Higher Education
Counselor Education
Educational Leadership
Educational Psychology
Literacy Education
School Psychology
Special Education
Teacher Education

Adrea Jaehnig
Coordinator of Student Affairs

Muskie School of Public Service

Geography and Anthropology

Adrea Jaehnig
Coordinator of Student Affairs

Community Planning and Development

Public Policy and Management

Public Health

Jim O'Brien
Coordinator of Student Affairs
School of Social Work

Social Work
MSW-Social Work

Kate Corbett
Coordinator of Student Affairs

College of Management and Human Service Tourism and Hospitality

Adrea Jaehnig
Coordinator of Student Affairs

Kimberly Warren, CMHS,
Director of Student Affairs

Dean Joseph McDonnell

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