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Matthew Killmeier Ph.D.

Chair and Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies
Matthew Killmeier Ph.D.


Communication and Media Studies House, 126 Bedford Street, Portland

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Matthew Killmeier joined the faculty in the fall of 2005.  He received his Ph.D. in Mass Communications in 2003, and his M.A. in Journalism in 1994, from the University of Iowa, and his B.A. in communication from the University of Louisville in 1992.  He has worked as a free-lance journalist for alternative newspapers in Kentucky and Iowa, an opinion columnist in Iowa, and co-hosted a radio talk show in Iowa City.  Matthew teaches: Intro to Media Studies, Newspaper Reporting & Writing, Consumer Culture, Writing Opinion, Research Methods, and Film Appreciation.

Matthew’s firmly believes that learning occurs only when students are engaged. His teaching philosophy centers on cultivating engagement by challenging students in a supportive manner. His teaching invites and stimulates students to think and reflect, and ultimately to challenge themselves. And it supports them through providing constructive, timely feedback tailored to students’ development which fosters their intellectual growth.

Matthew’s primary research interest is the cultural history of radio. He is currently researching horror radio programs from the 1930s-50s and their interconnections with pulp magazines and horror films. A secondary research interest is the use of music in political advertising. Along with Paul Christiansen (USM School of Music) Matthew is researching how music is used to persuade through poetic arguments in TV ads. He has published works on automotive radio and suburbia, and the Dixie Chicks ban from country radio, and has one article on horror radio and another on the Japanese press and collective memory of WWII forthcoming.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys fishing, canoeing, hiking, listening to old-time radio programs, photography, and trying to improve his rudimentary banjo skills.

The Audio and Video Production Minor

The minor in Audio and Video Production

The Audio and Video Production minor offers students an understanding of the processes involved in conceptualizing, writing, designing, and producing works in media based on the effective principles and practices of media aesthetics for target audiences. This minor will equip students with the information and tools necessary to create, manage, and evaluate audio and video works as vehicles of communication.

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