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Rebecca Bryant Lockridge Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication
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Rebecca Bryant Lockridge came to the Communication Department in 1984. She has an A.B. in Fine Arts from Indiana University (1960); an M.A. in Photography and Cinema from Ohio State University (1983); and a Ph.D in Communication from Ohio State University (1989).

Rebecca's scholarly interests center around visual persuasion, epistemology and femninist theory. She has published articles concerning metatheoretical analyses of interpretations of the visual. Rebecca is currently in the final stages of completing a book on Mother/Daughter Communication which she is co-editing with Alice Deakins of William Paterson University. She was a founding member of the Visual Communication Commission of the NCA, and has served as conference planner for OSCLG where she regularly presents papers. The last paper presented at OSCLG was Clashes in Cultural Identities: White Feminist and Black Feminist Thought Regarding a Needs-based Conception of Rights.

Rebecca has served on the Women's Studies Council at the University of Southern Maine since 1989, and is a member of the Maine Women's Studies Constortium. She was recently invited to the Blaine House by the First Lady, Karen Baldacci (spouse of the govenor of the state of Maine) with other Women's Studies faculty from USM, Colby, and the University of Maine to discuss ways of infusing women's history into public education in Maine.

Rebecca teaches a variety of courses including Theories of Communication, Research Methods and Introduction to Communication, but her focus is media related courses. These include Women in Film, Media and Social Interaction, Media and Social Movements, and Creative TV Processes (concerning production of photographic images and visual literacy).

Because she lives in a 160 year old farm house, and enjoys doing construction as well as acting as contractor for the work of others, the film "My Life As A House" has special resonance. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and travelling to visit her three daughters and six grandchildren, three girls and three boys. Particularly exciting visits have been made to Russia and to Africa, where her daughters have lived, combined with research about gender and information systems existing in those countries.