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Road Runner Internet Access

*This form is an iPDF form. You will need Adobe Reader to view the form. After you have completed the form, print it out and return with your first month's payment. Note: Adobe Reader will not allow you to save the completed form. You must print it out once completed as you will lose any information you have entered into the form when you close it. If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can save the completed document to your local drive.

Please contact the Road Runner Sales at 780-4453 for current pricing

USM Road Runner Terms of Service

I understand the following terms and conditions:

  1. The University of Southern Maine (USM) and Time Warner are offering Road Runner Internet service at reduced rates to USM faculty, full time staff, and matriculated and registered students.
  2. In order to validate the status of the applicant, USM may provide information such as name, student or employee ID number, current address, and University status to Time Warner.
  3. Service will be interrupted if payment of the monthly charges are not received by the due date specified on the monthly statement (normally the 15th of each month). Reconnection following a disconnect for non-payment will require the payment of a reactivation charge, the current and one month advance service fee, and payment of all outstanding balance.
  4. A $25 charge shall be accessed on checks that are returned for non-payment.
  5. If and when the customer does not meet the requirements of item 1 above, he/she must notify Time Warner Cable of Maine at (207) 253-2222 in order to avoid service interruption and assessment of a reconnection charge. At that time, your billing will revert to Time Warner's standard customer rates.
  6. The cable modem is the property of Time Warner Cable and is subject to their terms and conditions. Further, any ethernet adapter equipment made available as part of this offering is done so by Time Warner Cable and is subject to their terms and conditions.
  7. The University of Maine System, the University of Southern Maine, or any of their agents (hereafter referred to as the University) may not be held responsible in any manner for losses or disputes relating to the provision of this service. The University's only involvement is to assist in making available discounted rates for the service and certifying the University status of subscribers.
  8. No portion of service charges will be prorated.
  9. The fees for this service may change from time to time, but no more often than at the beginning of each semester. If the fees change, the subscriber shall be notified in writing or via electronic mail at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the change.