Core Curriculum

Advising and Registration

New student orientation dates for summer 2014 are May 30, June 1, June 22, June 27, July 1, and August 20.  If you are new to USM and haven't signed up for an orientation date, you may do so here.  

Orientation includes academic advising sessions for major and Core requirements, and guided registration for fall courses. 

Overview of Core Requirements

Fall 2014 EYE course schedule and descriptions  (as of 7/9/14)

Fall 2014 EISRC course schedule and descriptions (as of 7/9/14)

Fall 2014 Thematic Cluster Course schedule

New Professional Practices cluster course-- STH 440 Internship

How to Find Core Courses in Maine Street

Summer Core Courses

New SUMMER EYE Course! 

If you're interested in exploring

  • outdoor learning environments, and self-paced/self-directed learning
  • environmental issues and environmental science
  • going on to or going back to college

EYE 199 The Northern Canoe Trail may be the right course for you! 

This experiential learning course is undertaken at the convenience of the student during Summer Session II (June 30 – August 15). Each student is required to spend 10 or more days on or along the waters of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. These days do not have to be completed all at once;  choose the days you want--whatever fits your schedule--as long as ten of them occur within the prescribed Summer Session time period. See the course syllabus to determine if this is the right EYE for you! 

General information about Core registration:

If you have questions about USM Core advising and registration please contact Susan McWilliams at or 207-780-4755 or Student Success at 780-4040.

If you are advising students matriculated in a Lewiston Auburn College major, call LAC Student Success at 753-6536 for more information.

If you are advising students who matriculated prior to Fall 2011 consult the appropriate catalog year in the undergraduate catalog.  See the pre fall 2011 check list and course list.

Advising Check List

Overview of Requirements


Requirements and Credit Hours

How to Find Core Courses in Maine Street (schedule)

Courses Satisfying Core Requirements (non-schedule)

Thematic Cluster Courses (non-schedule)

Department Capstones

Overlapping Courses (non-schedule)

2013-2014 Core Catalog section