Core Curriculum


Students complete their Core Capstone requirement as part of their major.  Departments have identified courses which satisfy the Capstone requirement.

Department Capstones

The capstone experience engages students with a significant theme, issue, topic, or problem.  The capstone requires the development of a substantial oral, written, creative or applied final project that integrates disciplinary learning with general education and the perspectives of other disciplines.  As the concluding experience, the capstone provides opportunities for students to think about how their education at USM, especially in the major, informs their future academic, professional and personal lives. Prerequisite: Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship, and as determined by offering department.

 Learning Outcomes:

Students completing the capstone will

 1. Draw on the specialized knowledge of the major to articulate a significant theme, topic, issue or problem;

 2. Design and generate a significant oral, written, creative or applied final project;

 3. Collaborate or consult with others to research, create or discuss solutions or approaches to the project;

 4.  Analyze, apply, and integrate multiple sources of information and specialized perspectives to complete the project;

 5. Draw on learning in general education and other courses to reflect on and critically interrogate learning within the capstone and the major.