Core Curriculum

Course Outcomes Blueprint for Cultural Interpretation

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The CCC encourages departments to align their Core assessment work with their on-going participation in degree program assessment through the Office of Academic Assessment’s ASLP’s (Assessment of Student Learning Plans).  “Recycling” is encouraged in the form of avoiding duplication of effort and/or reporting.  Departments may import information from their ASLP’s to this blueprint, and vice-versa.

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Learning Outcomes

[Note: all CI courses should engage students in outcome 4 and any 2 of the other outcomes.]

Outcome 1

Core Learning Outcome

After completing a CI course, students will:
Understand how people make sense of their lives and their world through the production of cultural representations such as ritual practices, artistic creations, and other products and performances.

Outcome 2

Core Learning Outcome

After completing a CI course, students will:
Analyze and evaluate cultural representations in historical and disciplinary context, with the understanding that standards of evaluation are themselves historically produced and contingent.

Outcome 3

Core Learning Outcome

After completing a CE course, students will:
Identify ethical issues raised by cultural representations, including what they suggest about students in their public and private roles (e.g., community member, family member, consumer, producer).

Outcome 4

Core Learning Outcome

After completing a CI course, students will:
Demonstrate skills of effective communication and analysis..

Course Characteristic 1
Cultural Interpretation courses will engage students in the analysis of cultural representations that draw on a variety of textual forms (from art, literature, music, philosophy, religion).
Course Characteristic 2
Cultural Interpretation courses will involve emphasis on oral or written assignments that develop critical thinking.