Core Curriculum

Transfer Credits and the USM Core

Transfer Students and the USM Core

USM is committed to the success of our large and diverse transfer population by awarding credit for students’ prior learning while helping them successfully make the transition to USM’s upper level Core requirements.

Transfer Credit and EYE

Students transferring 24 or more credit hours are exempted from completing the Entry Year Experience requirement.

Transfer and Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship

Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship courses must be at the 200 level or above.  You may submit a course syllabus or description for review by contacting our Office of Transfer Affairs at 207) 780-5340 or

Transfer and Thematic Clusters

USM is in the process of identifying transfer equivalents for our new Thematic Clusters.  Thematic Cluster courses are at the intermediate to advanced level; because there are few pre-existing transfer equivalents for these courses we don't yet have as many equivalent courses for the clusters as we hope to have.  If you think you took an equivalent course at another institution, contact the Office of Transfer Affairs at 207) 780-5340 or

Thematic Cluster descriptions and courses

Transfer equivalents from Maine Community Colleges

Maine Community Colleges offer a wide variety of courses which satisfy USM Core requirements.Once each semester equivalencies from three of our Community College partners will be provided in PDF form here.  These lists are only updated once a semester, and may not include the most recent transfer equivalents.

USM Core/Central Maine Community College Equivalents

USM Core/Southern Maine Community College Equivalents

USM Core/York County Community College Equivalents

Finding Transfer Equivalent Courses

Your Transfer Credit Evaluation in Maine Street shows the most up-to-date information on how your prior course work transfers to satisfy Core requirements. 

If you are planning to transfer credit to USM, the most up-to-date information on transferring credits to USM is available on Maine Street in the Transfer Course Equivalencies list. To use this list:

 1. click on the Transfer Course Equivalencies button under quick links.

2. click on Transfer courses or test credit to the Univ. of Maine System. 

3. Select USM from the menu. 

4. Click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the institution from which you are transferring credit (e.g., "S" for Southern Maine Community College).

5. Find the transfer-from institution on the list and click on it.  A list will come up with  courses and their transfer equivalence to USM courses and requirements. Core equivalents are listed in the far right column.  If you click on the heading of this column the courses listed will sort by Core requirement.

These instructions are also available, with images, here.

If you need more information about how your credits will transfer to meet USM's Core, contact USM's Office of Transfer Admission at (207) 780-5340 or