Department of Computer Science

Charles Welty

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science


224 Science Building, Portland Campus

Office Hours

None, retired. Available by appointment.

Contact Information

Phone: 207.780.4240

Computer and Information Science Dept., University of Massachusetts, Amherst. M.S., 1977. Ph.D., 1979 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept., University of California, Berkeley. B.S. 1967. M.S. 1968. 
Positions Held
Professor/Associate Professor, Computer Science Dept., Univ. of Southern Maine, Portland, ME. 9/79 - present. 
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Statistics Dept., Calif. Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obispo, CA. 9/71 - 8/74. 
Instructor, Computer Science Dept., Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA. 9/68 - 6/70. 

Research Interests

Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

Recent Publications

Welty, C.  Usage of and Satisfaction with Online Help vs. Search  Engines for Aid in Software UseSubmitted to ACM sigDOC 2011 Conference (special interest group on Design of Documentation).   October 3-5, 2011, Tirrenia, Pisa, Italy  ( SIGDOC/fp027-welty updated by ACM.pdf) ( SIGDOC/Usage of and Satisfaction with Online Help vs-2.ppt)

Welty, C. Preference for and Efficacy of Using Online Help vs. Search Engines for Aid with Software Problems. Abstract virtually presented at the 7th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society, March 25 – 27, 2011, Bilbao, Spain.

Welty, C. (chair), Heines, J.M., Menzin, M. Teaching Computer Scientists to Play Well with Others (panel session), CCSCNE 2010 (Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, Northeast section), Univ. of Hartford, April 16-19, 2010.  Attached and available at well with others Abstract and Positions.pdf

Welty, C.  W(h)ither Help? Presentation, TechMaine UUUG (Usability/User Experience User Group), Sept. 28, 2010, Portland, ME.

Welty, C.  "Undergraduate Graphical User Interface Course", NSF CCLI Showcase, SIGCSE 2000, Austin, TX.  March 9 - 11, 2000. 

Welty, C.   "Resources for Undergraduate User Interface Implementation Courses" at CCSCNE '98 (Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges Northeastern Regional Conference, 1998) at Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT),  April 24, 1998.  Available at

Welty, C. "SQL as a Metric." Journal of Database Administration, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Summer 1990), pp. 2-10. 

Mitchell, J. and Welty, C. "Experimentation in Computer Science: An Empirical View." International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, vol. 29, no. 6 (Dec., 1988),  pp. 613-624. 

Welty, C. "Correcting user errors in SQL." International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, vol. 22, no. 4 (April 1985), pp.463-477.

Welty, C. and Stemple, D.W. "Human factors comparison of a procedural and a nonprocedural query language." ACM TODS 6,4 (Dec. 1981), 626-649.