Computer Science

Two-Year Schedule of COS Classes

Computer Science Department: 2-year schedule


Course Title Fall 2014 (Even Fall) Spring 2015 (Odd Spring) Fall 2015 (Odd Fall) Spring 2016 (Even Spring)
Required courses offered each semester          
COS 160 Structured Programming x x x x
COS 161 Algorithms and Programming x x x x
COS 170 Structured Programming Lab x x x x
Required courses offered once a year          
COS 250 Computer Organization   x   x
COS 255 Computer Organization Lab   x   x
COS 280 Discrete Mathematics x   x  
COS 285 Data Structures x   x  
COS 350 Systems Programming   x   x
COS 360 Programming Languages x   x  
COS 368 Graphical User Interface Design       x
COS 398 Ethics and Social Resposibility   x   x

COS 485

Algorithm Design   x   x
Take at least 1 of 2 software design          
COS 420 Object-Oriented Design   x   x
Take at least 1 of 2 key topics          
COS 450 Operating Systems x      
COS 457 Database Systems       x
Upper-level electives          
COS 374 Numerical Analysis   M   M
COS 399 Autonomous Robots   x    
COS 400 Simulation Modeling   M    
COS 452 Graphics     x  
COS 455 Computer Architecture x      
COS 470 Topics -- Stochastic Models in O.R.   M    
COS 475/575 Machine Learning     x  
Upper-level (graduate) electives          
COS 444/544 Software Project Management x      
COS 460/540 Networks       x
COS 469/569 Compiler Construction   x    
COS 495/595 Advanced Web Architectures     x