Counselor Education

Machias Cohort: 3-Year Course Schedule

Year One Year Two

Summer 2010
HCE 626 Group Process & Procedures (UMM)
HRD 668 Human Development (online)

Fall 2010
HCE 510/610 Intro to Rehab Services (VC)
EDU 600 Research Methods (online/VC)

Spring 2011
HCE 612 Multicultural Counseling (VC)
HCE 620 Fundamentals of Counseling Theories (ITV)

Summer 2011
HCE 615 Vocational Counseling & Placement (VC)
HCE 605 Psych Measurement & Eval (ITV)

Fall 2011
HCE 611 Medical & Psych Aspects of Disability (VC)
HCE 621 Fund of Counseling Skills (UMM)

Spring 2012
HCE 514 Principles of Psychosocial Rehab (VC)
HCE 645 Daignosis & Treatment Planning VC)

Summer 2012
HCE 619 Myth, Madness & Mental Illness (VC)
HCE 640 Professional Issues in MH Counseling
(VC or UMM)


Year Three Year Four

Fall 2012
HCE 690 Individual Counseling Practicum Seminar (VC)
HCE 691 Individual Counseling Practicum Lab (webcam)

Spring 2013
HCE 686 Internship - 3 credits (VC)
HCE 627 Group Counseling (UMM)

Summer 2013
HCE 686 Internship-3 credits (VC)
or for 6 credits (if clinical mental health)



Total Program Hours:

Rehabilitation program only - 54

Rehabilitation & clinical mental health - 60

*courses in italics denotes clinical mental health courses




Admissions Deadline Extended to March 31, 2015

The Counselor Education program will be conducting a second round of admissions for the fall 2015 semester, with a deadline of March 31, 2015. Completed application, including standardized test scores, must be submitted by this date. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact me at

Application instructions