Department of Criminology, Economics and Sociology

Career Planning Tools

Career Planning Wheel   graphic diagram
Harris-Bowlsbey, J., Dikel, M.R., & Sampson, J. (2002). The Internet: a tool for career
planning. Tulsa, OK: National Career Development Association

USM Integrated Career Services

USM offers career services in an integrative format across the university. The Career Planning Wheel above is a visual representation of available options that may help you navigate your career development path.

Use the Career Planning Wheel above as a directional aid in planning your career development.  Select the hyperlinks below that correspond to the individual spokes of the Career Planning Wheel to gain access to university career services, faculty and staff who are available to assist you in your planning.

As you can see by observing the Career Planning Wheel above, your career development process process will not be linear, and so revisiting one or more Career Planning Wheel spokes from time to time may be expected as you learn more about yourself, explore your career interests and the variety of occupational prospects available to you.

The USM integrated career planning services was developed as part of a USM College
of Management and Human Service student graduate project and resulted in a
compendium of student career services integrated across the university.
The content is the result of the project survey conducted to determine career
services audience and type of career services offered at USM.
The project survey information used to develop the integrated career services
associated with the Career Planning Wheel is self-reported.