Department of Criminology, Economics and Sociology


Fall 2016 Economics Faculty Academic Advisement and Advance Registration for ECO Majors!

USM Economics Huskies!—Fall 2016 Advance Registration begins 4/6/2016 at 6:00 AM in MaineStreet for seniors with 108+ credits. View details in the CRM-ECO-SOC newsletter at:

Update from an Alumna

I hope my news is an encouragement to current students (particularly those who hope to go on to graduate school) and to faculty in particular (without whom I would not be where I am!). I credit much of my success to the mentoring, support, and encouragement I received in my three years there.

Thinking of a Degree in Sociology?

Thinking of a degree in Sociology? Here's what a recent survey of our alumni showed they have to say about their USM Sociology degree: "I love it! I feel like I apply my education to my everyday life constantly. I still refer frequently to some lessons or teachers I had." (2000 graduate)

Why Students Study Criminology at USM

Here are some thoughts that a few current students agreed to share on why they chose criminology as a major or minor.