Department of Criminology, Economics and Sociology


Welcome to the Department of Criminology, Economics and Sociology. Our department offers four rigorous social science degrees in three distinct programs: BA in Criminology, BA in Sociology and BA and BS in Economics.  Each program includes required courses that introduce the core concepts, principals, methods and theories of the discipline and elective courses that enable students to further explore specific areas of each discipline as well as points of intersection between and among the disciplines.

While we offer distinct majors and degrees, the faculty in Criminology, Economics and Sociology share commitments to developing students' understanding of the causes and consequences of systems of inequality; ability to analyze policy and promote justice; and skills in writing and communication, critical thinking, and research. 

All of our programs provide a solid foundation in the liberal arts and prepare students for a wide variety of careers and for graduate study.  For more specific information about each of the programs, please use the links to the left.