Criminology Department

Piers Beirne

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414 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland

Office Hours Fall 2014

Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-8:40; 11:30-12:00 and by appointment

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-4752

I have taught sociology and criminology in England, Ireland and the U.S., where I am currently Professor of Criminology and Legal Studies at the University of Southern Maine.  Despite trying quite hard, I play the fiddle very badly.

At U.S.M I teach courses on Introduction to Criminology (CRM100); Animal Abuse (CRM 327/SOC 380); and Comparative Criminology (CRM 401).


PH.D in sociology from Durham University, England

Recent Publications

My recent books include Issues in Green Criminology (2007, edited with Nigel South, Willan Publishing) and an edited 6-volume reprint series, The Chicago School of Criminology 1914-1945 (2006, Routledge), Confronting Animal Abuse (2009, Roman & Littlefield), and Criminology: A Sociological Approach (2011, with James W. Messerschmidt, Oxford University Press).  Other publications include Fair Rent and Legal Fiction (1977, The Macmillan Press), Inventing Criminology: Essays on the Rise of 'Homo Criminalis' (1993, SUNY Press), Marxism and Law (1982, with Richard Quinney, John Wiley & Sons),  Issues in Comparative Criminology (1997, with David Nelken, Dartmouth Publishig Company), The Origins and Growth of Criminology (1994, Dartmouth Publishing Company).  In 1997 I was the founding co-editor of the journal Theoretical Criminology.